Working together to better care for children

An integrated social medicine

An initial full medical assessment ensures the child will receive the best possible care at our centres. Our follow-up continues for as long as necessary and covers all aspects: medical, psychosocial and legal. This global approach enables more effective interventions for the child and his or her family, and it is what makes our approach unique. We also offer a full range of complementary care and services, all under the same roof.

Creating a Protective Circle around the child

Physicians, social workers, psychoeducators, educators, art therapists, music therapists, lawyers, mediators, psychologists, musicians, special education teachers, occupational therapists, volunteers and community partners – basically all the potential care providers in the child’s life – form what we call a Protective Circle around the child and accompany the family based on their needs and in full respect of their dignity.

Medical follow-up

Medical follow-up begins with a thorough exam of the child covering all areas of development: physical, psychological, cognitive, social and language. The doctor, who is always assisted by a social worker (see next section), builds a relationship of trust with the child in order to decode the messages that he or she is sending, and to verify hypotheses. In this way the doctor arrives at a comprehensive diagnosis.

Psychosocial and psychoeducational services

Social workers or psychoeducators regularly participate in the medical follow-up in order to determine the psychological needs of the child and significant others in the child’s life. This personalized accompaniment, in addition to follow-up at our centres, includes development stimulation groups, home and/or school visits, and regular telephone follow-up.

Legal services

When the clinical team detects that the rights of the child are being ignored, or that his or her fundamental needs are being neglected, a lawyer working for our centre will immediately get in touch with the family. The lawyer will evaluate what measures need to be taken to resolve the problem.

Mind-body therapies

Art and music therapy meet the needs of vulnerable children because they foster reflection and expression. Children are able to express their feelings and give form to their questioning and anguish; this helps them feel less overwhelmed and learn to master their feelings in a safe environment.

Specialized services

Children who face more complex issues will need more specialized services to enable a more precise diagnosis and help to get them back on track as quickly as possible.

Educational services

We offer a variety of educational services at our centres aimed at preventing social isolation, bringing children into contact with caring adults and stimulating activities that foster healthy development. These activities also allow workers to screen for children who could benefit for community social pediatrics care.

Mentoring and community services

The aim of mentoring and community services like the Grand Ami program is to help children build healthy relationships based on support, sharing and learning with caring adults in their daily lives.

External services

Many services are offered outside of our centres thanks to our close relationships with partner institutions and organizations (“service corridors”).

An integrative force in the community

The Fondation cannot do it alone! The action plan established for the child and his or her family relies on strong partnerships that are crucial to achieving our mission. In fact, other institutions and organizations in the community are often the point of entry to our services.

Our partners

  • CIUSS (community health clinics)
  • Schools and daycares
  • Community groups
  • Hospitals
  • Police
  • Municipalities
  • Child Protection
  • Legal Aid

Together, thanks to support from communities and the government, we are able to provide care directly to vulnerable children and their families. Every day, our three community social pediatric centres, including Garage à musique, work tirelessly to provide vulnerable children with the quality care and services they need.

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