Where medicine, law and social work combine forces

An interdisciplinary approach

Community social pediatrics is an interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach that combines, under one roof, the expertise of medicine, law and social work. This allows us to screen for, reduce and eliminate stressors that compromise the development of vulnerable children.

A unique global model of health and well-being

Researchers agree: our geographic proximity, the activities we offer directly in the community, and our close ties to institutions increase our capacity to reach and identify the children most in need*. Our model also positions the child, the family and key people in the child’s life as levers in the intervention process, understanding that all of these individuals have inherent strengths that can be tapped.

*Clément et al., 2015

The child, the family and the community

The main allies in bringing about significant change in a child’s life are his or her family, along with key members of the child’s community. These significant others have an important role to play in identifying sources of stress, and then in elaborating an action plan that actively involves them.


A doctor specialized in community social pediatrics orchestrates the diagnostic process in which all aspects of the child’s development are examined: physical, psychological, cognitive, social and language.


A lawyer-mediator at our centre facilitates access to justice through preventive law programs (referrals and education) and participatory measures like legal counselling and amicable conflict resolution (negotiation and mediation).

Social work

Following the establishment of an action plan based on the clinical evaluation, the social worker oversees its implementation, coordinating access to a range of integrated, personalized care and services.

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