All children have the right to respect and dignity

Seven key principles

Dr. Julien’s community social pediatrics model is based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, an international treaty that sets out 41 rights, which we have summarized into seven key principles. These principles guide all interventions in community social pediatrics.

The health of children: a societal issue

In a just society, the fundamental right of children to develop to their full potential is respected, whatever the environment in which they are born and grow. This is the fundamental raison d’être of the Convention, which all member countries of the United Nations (except the United States) ratified in 1989. This right is essential to a full respect of the child’s dignity and an essential component of their nurturing by adults. Thus, this right places obligations on parents, families, the community and the State.

  • 1

    All children are born equal before the law


    The child’s best interests must be the primary consideration in all actions and decisions concerning them
  • 3

    The child enjoys civil rights and freedoms


    The entire community must concern itself with the welfare of its children and support families in raising children


    The child has the right to health at all stages of development, from prenatal to adolescence
  • 6

    The child has the right to education, play and the opportunity to discover the world around them


    The child has the right to be protected against threats to the above-mentioned rights

The team of professionals at our community social pediatrics centres is accompanied by a lawyer who is able to detect situations in which a child’s rights are not being respected. The majority of these cases are resolved amicably. When a court appearance is required, we refer the family to Legal Aid or to the law firm Borden Ladner Gervais (BLG), generous supporters of the Foundation.

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