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The situation in Quebec

Thousands of Quebec children are not receiving the care and support they need to grow up healthy and to reach their full potential. In vulnerable communities in Quebec, half of all children entering school show serious developmental delays. These delays follow them, negatively impacting their health as adults and, perhaps even more worrying, compromising future generations.

  • 1 out of 2

    ... the number of children from disadvantaged neighbourhoods who are not ready to enter kindergarten at age 5, based on our clinical observations.

    11 years

    ... the reduction in life expectancy for a child living in the east end of Montreal versus a child living in the west end. *

    Québec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten, 2012.

    600 words

    ... the improvement in vocabulary for 3 year olds from an advantaged neighbourhood versus a disadvantaged one. *

    Québec Survey of Child Development in Kindergarten, 2012.
  • 58%

    ... the proportion of families receiving community social pediatrics care that have two unemployed parents. **

    Regard mixte sur certaines particularités et retombées de l’approche de la pédiatrie sociale telle qu’implantée au Québec et sur son intégration dans le système actuel des services sociaux et de santé, 2015.

    3 years

    ... the age at which specialists already observe the damaging effects of toxic stress and morbidity on brain morphology, including a clear decrease in brain size. ***

    Altered brain development following global neglect in early childhood, 1997.

Mobilizing around the child when it counts the most

Community social pediatrics is the solution to a societal problem that we can no longer ignore. The Fondation aims to make this care accessible to as many children as possible and at the right time in their development. Our intersectoral team coordinates care, ensuring that it responds to the specific needs of the child and his or her family while equipping them with tools to enable them to help themselves.


…. the number of vulnerable children who benefit from the Fondation’s care, services and accompaniment every year.

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