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Expanding the horizons of medicine

“ We get to know each other by talking and sharing – first toys, then deeper thoughts and feelings. We establish a connection and then we start working together to find solutions. This is what community social pediatrics is all about. It’s an approach based on science, but it’s also an art – the art of engaging, listening, comforting, supporting. ”

— Dr Gilles Julien
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Physician, clinical director and researcher, Dr. Gilles Julien has always been driven by a deep passion to further the cause of vulnerable children, both in Quebec and elsewhere. Throughout his long career, he has worked tirelessly to apply the principles of socially responsible medicine in all of the roles that he has taken on, as well as in the approach that he has promoted.

Dr. Julien has published a number of works on community social pediatrics.

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Dr. Julien has been the recipient of numerous honours and awards, both in Quebec and around the world.

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