Generosity that warms hearts and changes lives!

Caring for and providing life-changing tools to more and more children

Thanks to the generosity and loyalty of our partners, the Fondation du Dr Julien is now able to provide support and services to more than 2,000 vulnerable children and their families. We could not do it without the involvement of the community, private foundations and corporations, which represents more than two-third of our funding. So a heartfelt thank you to you all!


They are the pillars of the Fondation – without them our mission to better the lives of children and families would not be possible. They have steadfastly believed in us and in our innovative approach. It is their support that has enabled us to build the foundation of our care and services model.

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The list of the Foundation’s donors and partners is based on information recorded since January 1, 2012. If your name does not appear on this list but should, this is purely an error on our part. Our apologies! Please contact Julie Sauvageau at the number given below.