Petits gourmets dans ma cour 2018

The benefit event ‘Les petits gourmets dans ma cour’ is back this summer, for the 8th consecutive year, in the Lefebvre family’s backyard

It’s a date on Saturday, July 7, 2018!

The ‘petits gourmets’ is a group of families from the Duvernay neighbourhood in Laval who decided to raise money for the Fondation du Dr Julien. The concept? An outdoor restaurant hosted by youth aged 5 to 17. This group of young volunteers will become waiters, assistant cooks and maitre Ds for one evening, serving clients – people from the neighbourhood, family, friends and you!

Clients will have a choice of various restaurants:

  • Grand Gourmet restaurant with reservations
  • Bistro restaurant without reservations
  • Italian restaurant without reservations
  • Tapas bar
  • New this year: foodies section

Come and share this unique experience and enjoy a great meal, open to all!

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Photo: Ugo Charbonneau, whose desire to help disadvantaged children inspired the whole Charbonneau Lefebvre family to create this event